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Ready or Not - Commitment to a Long-Term Gay Relationship, by Gay Matchmaker Jacqueline Burns

Commitment is an interesting thing Jacqueline Burns, gay matchmaker- has noticed. You can be ready for it in every way - and if you've decided to sign up with gay matchmaking agency The Echelon Scene and you’re actively looking for a long-term gay life partner then you're ready - intellectually, and still stumble when it comes to being emotionally committed. 

Despite our dislike as gay matchmakers of categorising people more than necessary, you can usually group everyone into one of two categories: People who fall in love easily, and people who take some time. Of course, there are people who fall in love rarely, but when they do they fall fast, but mostly I'm talking about people we have come across when gay matchmaking who are...shall we say commitment shy versus those who are, like Romeo, in and out of love easily. More specifically, I'd like to address those who find love and commitment to a gay long-term relationship be a little daunting. 

Songs, movies, plays, poems, paintings - you name it and someone has used that media form to try to explain what love is. Sure, for you cynical folks we meet gay matchmaking, love is just a wash of chemicals in your brain, but so is everything else. We're chemicals and electrical signals, and made up of atoms that used to be stars, so it is possible to be cynical and romantic at the same time. But it can be difficult. You want to find a gay husband with a high achieving, good looking gay partner, you are ready for it, but what do you do when you find it? 

If you have never been the first one to say, "I love you," then you're probably this kind of person. That does not mean that you feel love less keenly, it just means that you're probably over-thinking it. Are you in love? Is this what love feels like? How do I know for sure? This isn't what it felt like in high-school. 

Firstly, no one ready for a gay long-term partnership should feel like they did when they were in high-school. Secondly, movies and songs are a form of art and they are an exaggeration of an ideal. Comparing yourself to them is not helpful and does not help us when gay matchmaking. And most importantly, comparing your feelings to others is equally unhelpful. Gay matchmaker, Jacqueline Burns believes our feelings are your own unique wash of chemicals and electrical signals. And while mindfulness is the best way to communicate, it's not always the best way to engage with emotions like love. 

One of the common factors I have seen as a gay matchmaker is some degree of fear - of letting go, of being hurt, of losing out - which makes really feeling your feelings difficult. That is what the people who fall in love easily don't have - no one is totally confident in love, but they fall without fear. When gay matchmaking we see the correlation is a bit like people who enjoy extreme sports. Am I calling love and finding a gay husband an extreme sport? I suppose I am. Eventually you just have to take a breath and let go. Easier said than done, of course, but instead of focusing on the ways this might not be right, or might not work out, focus on the positives and enjoy the process with your exclusive gay matchmaker. You are strong enough to weather the storms that might come up. And we can help you, as gay matchmakers. Can you see yourself getting old together? Can you see yourself thinking his jokes are still funny in twenty, thirty, forty years. Would you miss it if he didn't return your calls anymore? 

If the answers are, 'yes' then you might want to relax and just enjoy yourself. You might not know love or how to find a gay husband if it bit you on the elbow, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it anyway. For help being introduced to compatible dates that can turn into long-term partnerships you can get excited about, please reach out to gay matchmaking agency The Echelon Scene or contact Jacqueline Burns

By Jacqueline Burns

Founder of The Echelon Scene

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