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Mercury Retrograde!! Five ways to survive it and remain dating confident!

Whether you believe Mercury retrograde is a load of quack, or a time to batten down the hatches, November is always a time of stress management and ‘getting through.’ Here are five tips on how to stay positive (essential when dating) until November 20th, when it comes to an end.

1. Don’t fight chaos with chaos. When life brings complicated situations your way, don’t let them get you down. Things being stirred up in your life can bring about positive change and set you on the right path. See the chance for new opportunities or experiences in it! If you do feel down don’t go out and drink with your friends and get ill and over tired. Instead take a step back, get as much sleep as you can, meditate or exercise and bring back the focus onto yourself- letting the chaos just happen around you.

2. Be prepared for communication issues and plans going under. This may mean smashed phones, misunderstandings with your date or partner, transport going down and missing dates etc. This is an irritating glitch of Mercury retrograde and can affect some sun signs more than others. Fight it by spending 15 minutes every day setting your intentions. Write them down. This will help you achieve what you need to throughout the day. Mercury retrograde or not. 

3. Don’t make any rash decisions. If your relationship is on rocky ground, don’t just call it quits. November (regardless of whether you believe in Mercury Retrograde or not) is a month where the days get shorter, the workload gets heavier and Christmas feels that little bit too far away to get excited about. This can add stress to even the strongest relationships. Try and communicate openly and make time for your relationship, even if it is one date night a week. 

3. Stay fit. This doesn’t have to mean spending your valued off time getting rippling abs. It means stay feeling good about yourself. Think of all that work you did over the summer to look great. Don’t let that go. Whether it is Pilates, parkour, weight-lifting, cross-fit, running, rock-climbing, skiing - set aside time for it. You'll lower your stress and boost your endorphins. Time spent getting out of your head is key, especially in a time where over thinking is pointless. Hashtag Mercury Retrograde.

4. Turn off Grindr. You're unlikely to find a long-term relationship that way and comparing your abs and assets to the abs and assets of others will not boost your self-confidence or give you much hope to the possibilities which are out there for you. Additionally, spend less time on social media. Studies have shown that the more time a person spends on social media, the less satisfied they are with their lives. We all know this is true. Especially when you have that one person you follow who is on a yacht somewhere, while you’re stuck at the office. Instead spend that time making fun plans of your own which get you excited. And leave the matchmaking to the professionals.

5. No matter how many things go wrong, or at least don’t seem to be going right, remain confident in yourself. This is key. The best is yet to come. If you cannot bring yourself to write down five things you love about yourself, ask a friend to tell you your five best qualities. Feeling good and strong in yourself is essential when dating. Essentially we are all animals and we can sense fear- or a relaxed inner strength. Head out to each date knowing your worth and it will come across.

And guys, only 12 more days!!!