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Feature in Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today on Gay Dating and The Echelon Scene

Go get your March copy of Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today and check out the Lifestyle section for the latest article on The Echelon Scene! In this article I am discussing what my clients tend to focus on when searching for their ideal long-term partner: equality. This word comes up in the majority of my meetings. A lot of my clients strive for equal division of labour, finance, child rearing and other everyday necessities.
There are no traditional, stereotypical male/female norms to fall back on as there are with straight couples. However, structures are building aka marriage, adoption and this will benefit relationship longevity.
As will the realisation that COMMUNICATION is key in all relationships. All my clients have a desire for a committed relationship and connecting and communicating with your partner is not something to be taken lightly! Open up!🗣
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By Jacqueline Burns

Founder of The Echelon Scene

The Echelon Scene is an offline gay matchmaking agency for eligible gay men seeking a long term partner