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You are exactly our niche.

Matchmaking for only the most eligible gay men, who want to find their equal partner in love.

A global service; personally and discreetly delivered by the Founder, Jacqueline Burns.

The Echelon Scene- Standing out from the gay matchmaking crowd

In a competitive world, filled with choice, what separates The Echelon Scene and Jacqueline Burns from the crowd? There are five differentiating factors that combine to form The Echelon Scene’s competitive advantage.

1.     Focus – Gay matchmaking is all we do. No distractions, no blurred priorities.

2.     Personal – Jacqueline handles all clients personally. No handovers to junior staff.

3.     Insight – Through academic study and 9 years of matchmaking experience, The Echelon Scene has uncovered unmatched insights into gay relationships.

4.     Immersion – Our finger is constantly on the pulse of the gay world and the unique goals of each client.

5.     Network – No agency can match our select global pool of eligible men.

It may seem like a small thing, but the decision to focus single-mindedly on gay matchmaking is an enormous differentiating factor versus just about every other leading matchmaking agency. The simple fact is that gay matchmaking and straight matchmaking are two very different things. Jacqueline often compares gay dating to a seesaw; two men trying to find a balance in the relationship. There is much more focus on back and forth in gay matchmaking. Who gives who what? Jacqueline navigates the balance with each of her Clients and the 85% of successful matches reinforces that The Echelon Scene approach works. Competitors who try to apply common processes and techniques as their staff flip from gay to straight clients cannot deliver the same client satisfaction.

The Echelon Scene is a small agency in terms of employees, but this is by design so that Jacqueline can work with each Client on a personal basis. Each Client begins and ends the process working with the person they met in the first meeting. Jacqueline works collaboratively with each Client to understand their goals, challenge their ideas, analyse dates, deliberate concepts and eventually, celebrate success! Clients benefit directly from her expertise, with none of the junior intermediaries or layers clients typically encounter at other agencies.

Jacqueline brings 9 years of matchmaking experience to The Echelon Scene, as well as a British Psychological Society accredited postgraduate degree in Psychology, with a dissertation on gay relationships. This combination of academic study and practical experience has given Jacqueline unequalled insight into gay men. In fact, other agencies today quote her research in their matchmaking communication. Quite a compliment!

Matchmaking is equal parts art and science. The Echelon Scene process details each Client’s unique values, characteristics and credentials, but it also probes much deeper in a way that is less linear, corporate and structured. It’s designed to fully immerse to gain a deep understanding of the fine print of each Client, which only comes from experience, meeting someone face to face and assessing them as an individual. Their energy, their mannerisms, their jokes. A lot of the men Jacqueline works with, despite their varying ages and high emotional intelligence, have not all had perfectly healthy and aligned, long-term relationships. Jacqueline’s is able to align each Client with just the right match from her network, founded on the fundamental behaviours and values of both parties. The reality is that men can be set in their ways. Acknowledging this allows Jacqueline to explore with each Client what to be flexible on and what is not open for compromise. At The Echelon Scene it is not about the volume of dates, but rather about quality dating experiences.

Jacqueline’s deep affiliation with the gay world means she knows that there are no stereotypes. Coming out, sexuality and dating is a different experience for every gay man. Jacqueline has the experience to empathetically discern each man’s needs and desires. Ultimately, the issues gay men face when dating are entirely different to those of straight men, and agencies who seek to apply common ‘best’ practices are destined to fail.

The Echelon Scene is entirely structured to bring the best gay men globally into our network. Not straight professional men or women- just gay men. This means that our reach and the depth of our network is unmatched. Jacqueline is working with and meeting successful gay men every single day. Your match may be that close!

Please do reach out to meet with Jacqueline face to face, to see just what The Echelon Scene can do.