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Global Gay Matchmaking- Finding Love Across Seas

Sorry for the delay posting our blog this month! You might notice it’s the week after Pride weekend in London, we have some recovering to do before a trip to Mexico City! Jacqueline Burns, gay matchmaker doesn’t leave one day a miss when gay matchmaking. When we say we meet all single potential Clients looking for a compatible long-term relationship face to face, we mean it. This month it may be Mexico City, next month we are heading to New York and Toronto to meet as many single gay men looking for love there that we can. This business is run on meeting single gay men looking for love in their comfort zone. Jacqueline truly gets to know all of her members best when she sees them in their home, which is essential when gay matchmaking. This doesn’t have to mean sitting at your dining room table, it can mean showing gay matchmaker Jacqueline your local pub or even your office- wherever people feel most comfortable and expressive. This year already we’ve had too many successful matches to count- we know what we are doing gay matchmaking! This is based on gay matchmaker Jacqueline putting in the effort to sit down with eligible gay singles and get to the bottom of who they would be most compatible with.
Every single gay man that gay matchmaker Jacqueline comes across has a different story to tell. It’s very easy in this life as a successful gay man when single to focus attention on your friends or work and this becomes habit. Then suddenly years go by and you realise, nothing has changed and you’re still single and in need of a gay matchmaker. Or, some of gay matchmaker Jacqueline’s Clients date and date but never come across someone who is their equal. Someone equally passionate about what they do, sophisticated, attractive and genuinely looking to meet someone.
Men that are attracted to signing with gay matchmaking agency The Echelon Scene tend to be truly international individuals. There are men who have moved to London or New York from other cities or Torontonians who spent 6 years in London. Each single gay man sees the world as a small place, to hop around and explore. As a result, gay matchmaker Jacqueline Burns is constantly on a plane meeting men wherever they may be during that time. It is important however for Clients of The Echelon Scene to make it work with their gay long-term partner. They may split their time between a few different cities but gay matchmaker Jacqueline will step in to sure logistics make sense. It's key for a couple to be able to see each other regularly and ultimately end up in the same city as their gay long-term partner. Gay matchmaking isn’t going to work when two people can never see each other. The men Jacqueline Burns works with gay matchmaking need to make time for each other either in one city, or have the flexibility to travel together. Gay matchmaker Jacqueline looks at this in detail, assessing Clients schedules whether work, personal etc and then goes about finding someone who they can meet where it can work long-term.
If you are in a city in Europe or North America, reading this and thinking how you’d like to meet your gay long-term partner, reach out! Gay matchmaker Jacqueline can come meet you too to get to know you and help you find the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Jacqueline Burns travels far and wide to meet all of her Clients and potential Clients interested in gay matchmaking in locations they feel comfortable in, where they can relax and she can get to know them. Running a truly global business means more than just speaking to some of the world's most interesting internationals. It means making the effort to sit down with people and get to know them face to face, all over the world.

By Jacqueline Burns
Founder of The Echelon Scene
The Echelon Scene is an offline gay matchmaking agency for eligible gay men seeking a long term partner